Reliving David Bowie

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” – David Bowie

He was such an amazing and talented person, who had a long and colorful career. I admired him not just for his music, but for his creativity and how he became one of the biggest iconic creations in music history.

Where do you start with a tribute to David Bowie? To me he was a mysterious person, sometimes by his own design, sometimes part of an image he wanted portrayed to his fans or to the world at large. He died just two days after his 69th birthday. We know that he was being treated for cancer 18 months or so prior to his passing on his social-media accounts but this post is just about the person he was.

The picture above shows David Bowie from The Man Who Fell To Earth. A movie based on a novel by Walter Tevis (1963) of the same name. Briefly, its about an extraterrestrial who crash lands to earth. He needs water for his drought-stricken planet. The movie seemed tailor-made for Bowie then, perfectly cast as the space traveler amid the strange an surreal imagery of the movie. The movie itself was almost a metaphor for what he was going through at that time himself.

He not only had influences on movies but also fashion, art and of course music.  One theme that seems to have recurred throughout his life was how much of an outsider he actually appeared to be. The image of David Bowie especially in his early career, each of his eyes a different color, gave him the mien of some unearthly figure.

His music was a capricious mix of rock, glam-rock, “plastic soul”, industrial, ambient, jazz, disco, and more, all styles of music that the vanguard recognized as his innate genius. He was fearless about experimenting with new sounds and self-image, and his collaborations with lots of other artists from different music styles is a fitting legacy for him. Or perhaps one of the many personas that people associate with him or a visionary in his time. David Bowie for me, is also about that if you have a voice – you should use it.

One of my favorite songs David Bowie – Fashion but there are so many other songs that I could choose, so many songs that demonstrate great musical interplay and catchy hooks.

I like this Best David Bowie Songs and there are some other really good songs on this list.


Feature photo is from The Man Who Fell To Earth

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