Committing to blogging

Merriam-Webster Definition of Blog: a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences.

This is my first blog and it’s still a little bit of a learning curve for me. I had my reasons for wanting to have my own blog in the first place, because I wanted to be able to blog about things I am interested in such as art history, writing, books, proofreading, travel, music, films and more. Then I thought perhaps blogging was a little outdated because of the onset of social media networking tools like Facebook and Twitter.

I wondered who I was trying to reach with my blog, would anyone even want to read my blog? Are blogs all about trying to express yourself online? Just recently I was able to connect my blog posts with Twitter and Facebook, although both are generally used for just writing a bunch of short paragraphs or telling people you just got a new outfit. I am not sure I really want to have blog posts that are just a few paragraphs long, I would rather write an interesting lengthy post,or well not too lengthy, and share my posts with people with similar interests.

Perhaps I might get disillusioned writing posts because of lack of readers, or I am going to be too busy to write them? One thing that is clear to me is that Facebook and Twitter are allowing people to connect to the world much quicker than before, and that blogs might not be the way to do that anymore. Nowadays, people seem to prefer to post quick updates about varying topics like the weather, give links to interesting articles or ones that have annoyed them, making comments on a wide range of topics, share their photos or videos, promote an event – things that blogging used to be all about? I think Facebook is an excellent social networking tool and it helps to keep lots of people in contact with their family and friends, and that blogs are about expressing yourself in a much more personal way, and maybe people who write blogs are very opinionated in terms of their writing style and use them as a platform for voicing their views.

For now I will continue to write blog posts and happily connect them to Twitter and Facebook to help draw attention to my blog from a wider audience, although I am not trying to turn my blog into a media empire of sorts – but that would be nice. Therefore, I shall remain happily committed to writing blog posts for the time being.


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