How can I be more creative?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

I have often thought about how I can be more creative, or how to develop upon an idea, not just in writing but in other areas as well. For some, maybe its going for a short stroll in the park or listening to music that helps you to get some of your best ideas or solutions to problems or to even do your procrastinating.

After some light research, it appears that exercise is linked anecdotally to creativity. Perhaps so. Apparently some people develop their best ideas during a walk, soaking in the bath (Eureka moment?), taking some form of exercise or just being outdoors. I don’t know what does it for me yet, and I haven’t quite found that one thing that has helped me to generate really creative ideas. I am open to debate about exercise actually aiding creativity at all, but that’s just my own opinion. I didn’t get any creative ideas about anything when I was running on the treadmill earlier! Maybe I was thinking too much about burning calories? Although, walking was one of Steve Jobs favorite things to do when he wanted to talk to someone and share ideas, and that appears to have worked quite well for him. I do enjoy long walks myself, and it helps to increase the blood  flow to my head, and that’s supposed to improve brain function – such as helping you to be creative or getting one of those light bulb moments or an amazing idea about something. However, it hasn’t helped me to be truly creative, or to be more creative than I would like to be.

I have tried some other ways to get myself in the mood or to help boost my creativity at home. There is a Web site called Coffitivity  that recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe and other sounds to help boost your creativity. You can pick between Morning Murmur or Lunchtime Lounge, and it has from time to time sort of helped me work a little bit better. So does the hum of a coffee shop do it for you or help to boost your creativity? Pulling up a seat in Starbucks or your local coffee shop might not be the most efficient way to get your creative brain cells going, when you are hunched over a table sipping a latte and using the free WiFi though. What I do like about this site is that it brings that coffee shop or lunchtime chatter directly to you, so when I am working away on something you really do get that feeling that you are in a coffee shop (eyes only half closed) or that you have that little bit of noise in the background instead of complete quietness. Funnily enough I have had a few meetings with some friends to discuss business ideas and we always meet up at a coffee shop and we usually end up getting some really good work done. I think maybe because it’s a combination of the actual environment and not only hearing the hum of the coffee shop but the other people around you, hearing and seeing them, and of course the coffee itself, so it’s the right mix of everything. Generally  I do like there be some sort of background music (not TV) when I am working, or I like to get up from my desk and just switch off completely from what I was doing, and sometimes an idea would pop up – but alas it’s not really made me be anymore creative.

Sometimes I find that extreme quiet helps me to work better and help sharpen my focus. Even though it can help me to concentrate a little bit more, I don’t find that it really helps me to be more creative. Mostly I preferred quietness when I was studying for exams. I can’t say that I ever enjoyed studying for exams all that much, especially when I was studying for something that I didn’t really like. I think that its difficult to be creative about something that you don’t like or love?

So, I am still on my quest to find ‘that’ something to help me be more creative, and hopefully I will discover it soon!


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