Writing a blog post

Sometimes it can take awhile to write a blog post. I don’t think there’s a certain amount of time that you have to write a post in, it depends a lot upon what you’re writing about or what’s on your mind. I am not sure that writing a post quickly diminishes its quality in anyway or compromises on the writing.  Mostly I just feel inspired to write a post, and for that to happen I would have gotten the inspiration from something like reading a newspaper, watching TV  or a movie, reading a book or something a friend would say and sometimes overhearing what somebody said in a coffee shop (innocently eavesdropping of course). Once that happens, I write it down or add it to a note on my phone. Thinking of a topic or a post seems to take up most of the time. I start writing it and change my mind, and one new idea or new thought overwrites or replaces another idea or thought. Usually I write a number of sentences or list them in some sort of orderly way to keep the thread of the post going or to give it some structure. Then again, it just depends on the post that I am writing, not all posts are done that way. There are some posts that I write then rewrite and come back to it in a couple of days and that lets me revisit the post and add some new ideas or thoughts. Or if I get really stuck, then I will just save it or leave it and come back to it with a fresh mind.

When I think I am happy with the post, I edit it – usually because it’s turned into a novel and can’t really be considered to be a post and I shorten it and take out things I might have repeated. Or just keep a check on the word count. I try not to use the same idea twice in the same post as I can use it as an idea for or in another post. Then I preview it and check it again and publish it. I seem to spend most of my time editing or proofreading it if it’s a longer post. I think writing posts or writing anything should be a simple process or to try and keep it as simple as you can but at the same time not scrimping on the merit of the post. Keeping it simple should probably be applied to my life also, but that’s easier said than done I suppose.


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