Seasons of Song

Summer is right around the corner and I am going to begin a series of songs referencing summer and other seasons.

The Sea and Cake – Weekend

This song just reminds me a little of my childhood when I was always looking forward to summer. I try not to let time bury all of my childhood memories and I still remember those long hot humid days of summer, trying to stay cool by swimming in the pool or lake and water balloon fights with friends in the backyard and just kicking around doing nothing. I miss those memories, I miss my childhood, unfettered by adult’s fears, not constricted by adult responsibilities or expectations. I miss the summer adventures that I had with my friends, returning home wide-eyed, no regard for bedtime schedules, deep breathes and exhalations of excitement as we made plans for the next day. Childhood memories of sunshine, swimming, downtime and ice cream, making up games and summers always blooming with imagination. All good childhood memories that would be catalysts for growth into teenage years.

June 2, 2016

I am a really big fan of Breaking Bad and I am guilty of watching the series by way of binge viewing on Netflix (but I am not ashamed) and on DVD.

Photo of Walter White, the main character played by Bryan Cranston
Walter White, the main character played by Bryan Cranston.

The Peddlers – On A Clear Day You Can See Forever appears in Breaking Bad – Season 5 ‘Hazard Pay’ and it just seems like a summer song to me – but mostly it’s just one of the many great songs from the Breaking Bad series.

The Peddlers- On A Clear Day You Can See Forever


Music and the Gym

Another reason for seasons of song series is that I have started going to the gym again and although I am not really doing any high or demanding exercising just yet, it can be really hard in the beginning and when you’re trying to stick with a program. I wanted to put a playlist together because music is supposed to change your experience of exercise and energetic songs are supposed to make a workout easier and less drudging – and I am all for that! I tried to just do with the background music in the gym – but it became too monotonous and wasn’t really my taste in music. Listening to my playlist of songs when I am working out in the gym, headphones on, at least helps my body to ignore internal messages of discomfort during exercise, helping me to get through those sessions, sweat and playlist streaming.








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