Days of Summer

This morning the sun is screaming out of a clear blue sky. The long weekend looms. The weather forecast, for once, foretells good – not brilliant weather for at least a week (unfortunately not always accurate)! Frantically search for the protective sunblock and rush to the beach to work on that elusive tan. Forget the dogs panting, ice creams melting and ignore the overflowing trash can. Will there still be space left to spread out a towel and other necessities? Fingers crossed! But on arrival, where are the crowds?

The small beach is virtually deserted, which is strange, and a skeletal rusting chair frame occupies the central area. In the distance, the large boats tethered to their moorings in the marina gleam in the bright sunlight. Oh well! Why worry – a tan is of the utmost importance, not the lack of people. Several hours later – must have dozed off – the air feels different. It is no longer warm but feels damp and clammy. A haze floats before the now startled open eyes. The sunny beach has disappeared behind an impenetrable fog, which has swirled in from the sea. Oh well! That was a short summer day. Lets hope the next one will be of longer duration and when it arrives the weatherman’s forecast will be more reliable!!! For now, a return home without the desirable natural tan – a fake one will have to suffice.

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