The Friendly Alien of Architecture

The Graz Art Museum is a very splendid out of this world architectural landmark in Graz, Austria. Built as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations in 2003 its exhibition program specializes in contemporary art of the last four decades and where architecture, design, new media, Internet art, film, and photography are united under one roof. Graz also carried the honor of the “City of Design” and is located in the south-east corner of Austria and was largely unvisited and unknown until 2003.

It might look out of place but still manages to blend in with its baroque surroundings and look like some sort of alien mother ship or one that’s about to slip the surly bonds of earth, defying the laws of space and time, ready for launch at any minute. In fact it was the British creators themselves, Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, who dubbed the building as Austria’s “Friendly Alien” but some visitors referred to it’s huge edifice of transparent skin of acrylic glass and steel as looking more like a giant human donor organ. It could also be seen as an enormous blue bubble that looks slightly ridiculous, beautiful and amazing.

Images from Wikimedia Commons

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