Signature Clothing Item

I think everyone has a favorite signature clothing item or accessory that they like to wear or carry – but what does it say about you or how does your clothing define you?

I have a few different brands and it’s not necessarily a brand clothing item all of the time, and nothing too radical or anything that confounds the eye. Most of my clothing is ready-to-wear or off the rails. I truly love couture but of course it’s expensive, although couture always tends to have a longer life than ready-to-wear in most cases. Actually there is a lot of material in ready-to-wear clothing that comes from couture. What you wear sometimes depends on your age and body shape and I would say my clothes mostly hug my shape as opposed to being oversized and baggy. I am not fond of  clothes that are tight fitting or super skinny – they would look like I was vacuum-sealed into them if I  wore them.

Most of my shoes that I would declare to be one of my signature items are Converse boots – from Skull patterns to Chuck Taylors (classic and new) and they are both comfortable and practically a fashion icon now. Doc Martens are also another item that has never gone out of style and are another signature item of mine. They have gone from punk-rock to anti-fashion to high-street fashion. My signature jewelry items are mostly silver, anything from antiqued silver chains to earrings. The keyword for all my jewelry is ‘wearable” or something that you can wear all the time. Perhaps one of my favorite signature clothing items are black leather jackets, some that are crinkled and creased as if by hard use – but they look better that way.  I guess I am not always thinking about fashion trends and I try not to let the stores that I go to dictate what I should be wearing. Most of my clothes were inexpensive, but I care for the nice things I have and maintain them well and try to make them last – especially the things I’ve inherited. Some days I might go out looking less-than-perfect, but it’s not the end of the world.

Whatever your signature clothing item is, I think it’s important to wear clothes that flatter you, and help you feel beautiful in your own skin, and that you enjoy your own style. There are so many fashionable people out there who wear some incredible and beautiful things – but you should try not to let them (or in your own mind at least) have a monopoly on what looks good and stylish! And remember that Fashion is all about self expression through clothing.

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