Puffer Jackets are Go

The Puffer Jacket is trending now. The oversized fluffy and buoyant vinyl jackets that are a mixture of hi-shine and fervent colors, that you’ll actually want to wear.

To some they might give the appearance of a sleeping-bag coat but I really think that Puffers are going to be one of the jackets that will rule this Fall’s trend. If you add some oversized graphics (think Stranger Things 2!) then I think they will become even more trendy. Themed Puffer Jackets deserve some High-Fashion treatment.

Perhaps even more appealing is this plump cut-off lacquered Gothic elongated down-filled Puffer Jacket from Philipp Plein.

Philipp Plein - Puffer Jacket
Philipp Plein – Puffer Jacket.

The puffer may very likely be the easiest—and coziest—trend to snag right now.


* Featured Photo from Topshop.com

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