Celebrity Fashion Lines

Celebrity Fashion Lines are embracing the retail world right now – celebrities attempting to translate their own unique style into something they hope we might love and wear. From Victoria Beckham (Victoria Victoria Beckham), Rhianna (Fenty Puma), Justin Timberlake (William Rast), Kayne West (Yeezy) to Drake (OVO) all raising theirs fists to the fashion industry. Are CFLs good for fashion and do their designs really cut it?

Celebrities that start their own label from the ground up, some that are built around licensing deals and lend their name to a label or brand without having too much creative input, all trying their hand at fashion design and even trying to transform it. Judging by how much CFLs are trending right now, we must be getting some fashion cues from them and the sales numbers are in the billions – those numbers are hard to ignore by anyone, let alone the fashion industry. There’s no wonder celebrities want to turn their names into a fashion brand.

Their famous names add a lot of might and reach that some fashion designers can only envy and nothing quite sells like celebrity. Celebrities sometimes lend their aggregate star power to fashion shows, sitting front row or strutting their stuff on the catwalk. In the 1990s and aughts celebrities sitting front row wearing the designers clothes drove fashion shows – not so much now. The shift appears to have gone from sitting ‘paid’ front row to becoming celebrity turned entrepreneurs and either creating their own label or becoming creative directors and collaborators of an already established brand name. Although, most big breaks for celebrities came by way of celebrity endorsements and it was taken for granted that they didn’t craft any of the designs.

There are of course some celebrities that are quite content wearing the clothes of non-celebrity fashion designers and becoming fomenters of fashion, think Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. Clothes that you won’t find in stores like Macy’s – their intentions are to leave us breathless with desire. What do bone fide fashion designers really think about the success of their celebrity counterparts? Perhaps some would advise them not to give up the day job or express a more subdued “Who cares?” view. Not all CFLs have been successful and some celebrities just never cut it as fashion designers and were destined for the fashion graveyard or were victims of a PR stunt gone wrong. Sarah Jessica Parker (Bitten), Beyoncé  (Deréon), David Hasselhoff (Malibu Dave) and Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B) are just some examples. Failed designs that were more about run-away-wear than ready-to-wear.

Celebrity fashion labels are just another type of “label” and are not necessarily trying to challenge the well known more established fashion brands and designers that we are all familiar with. For some celebrities who venture into the world of fashion design, it might just be all about cashing in and monetizing their fame and name. Essentially Clothing Fashion Lines are just another symbolism of fashion, so love them or loathe them, fashion is about choosing your own style, wearing the clothes that you want to, regardless of who’s name is on the label. If celebrities can cut it in the fashion industry, then they deserve their place there.

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