Instant Fashion Trends

What are some of the big fashion trends right now? Shirts dipped in coffee. DIY fashion style. Skinny Size to Oversize. Off the shoulder jackets. TV Show inspirations. Back to 80’s fashion. Bold red colors from Handmaid’s Tale. Furry hoodies – back in the neighborhood. Fashion and Politics. Puffer Jackets. Talented young designers driving luxury brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci – are on the up and up. Sharpie art on shirts. Take your pick.

NY Times Fashion
Models line a lit stage at “Vaquera x the Handmaid’s Tale. (Credit Sasha Arutyunova for NY Times)

Knowing about Google fashion trend reports that tell you what fashion consumers are searching for isn’t necessarily the stand-alone fashion trend indicator anymore. Instagram has become a good source of predicting possible fashion trends as you get an instant picture of what people are wearing – thus changing how clothes are presented. Fashion isn’t just about what’s hot on the streets or in glossy magazines – it’s also about digital media and photo-sharing apps like Instagram. They are calibrated socially shared experiences for our eyes. Of course Instagram wouldn’t be anything without our smartphones – they are an indelible part of our lives and quickly becoming our portable ‘desktops’, ubiquitous by design. Goodbye desktop. Not quite yet.

It’s not so far-fetched that the idea of InstaFashion won’t catch on at some point. It will be more about instant fashion trends rather than seasonal fashion trends. We won’t be happy with just getting a jump on what’s going to be hot or in style next season. If a designer gets a Eureka design moment – they can instantly tell us what the InstaTrend clothing items are and share them on Instagram.

InstaFashion, InstaTrends to InstaModels. Fashion models are getting huge followings on Instagram. The top models ruling the Instagram catwalk – walking for a particular designer and resulting in a stratospheric number of likes and followers. Pushing and driving sales while they are at it and creating Instant Fashion Trends.

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