The Importance of Being Individual

Today, individuality if desired, is a trait easily attainable by many people no matter what their social standing in society may be. In a more egalitarian society “to be noticed” is no longer a privilege of the few, as was the case several centuries ago. Then “the everyday individuality of everybody” remained below the threshold of description, when to be looked at, observed, and described in detail was a privilege. Such images, of the few, usually recorded in paint, may now be noted by the interested and curious in Art Galleries or stately homes, where the sitters gaze out at the observers from their space within heavy guilt ornamental frames. The many, leave virtually no record.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA in New York)
The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA in New York)

However, there is an oppositional theory to that of being different, one that suggests, “imitation is at the root of all behavior.” That people look around in an attempt to see what others are “doing, and wanting, and copy them.” They do not have the confidence to stand out, but prefer to the find anonymity among the herd. It is of little importance if a new trend neither suits their figure or personality. It is a must on the shopping list – regardless of the size, shape or height of the purchaser.

Celebrity fashion labels, in essence though just another type of “label” are a universal lure as are the well known more established fashion brands and designers that we are all familiar with. Think of the now trendy and chic Puffer Jacket or its more “stylish” themed version, which was mentioned in an earlier blog. Both desirable articles, but each will be purchased and worn by a different customer type! They are both fashionable, functional and comfortable. The former garment lends itself to bright colors favored by many, whilst the latter is a perfect foil for black (especially with its Goth feel) favored possibly by a lesser number. The puffer is not a fashion faux pas anymore.

Light Before Dark Ramola wet-look puffer jacket
Light Before Dark Ramola wet-look puffer jacket.

Every year and every season the rag trade predicts specific trends and colors that will eventually hit the department stores and boutiques. Fashion events by various couture houses are held in Paris, London and New York showcasing their ranges – invariably within these parameters. As soon as possible the new styles, in watered-down versions, will appear on the High Street ready to fulfill the eager Fashionista’s whim. Others, being less avid followers of fashion, will decide on a color or garment that best suits their personality or budget. A sensible way to create a more distinct look!

Dare to be Different
Dare to be Different

Long live both preferences.  For in the final analysis, the imitators keep the big manufactures in business, whilst the few allow the smaller designer free range to project his or her unique talent onto outfits that will be snapped up by those who like to be individual. There is room for both, or the fashion industry would grind to a halt!

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