A Trend for All Seasons

Recent Tweets from Elle Magazine and Vogue Magazine and various other fashion magazines have resulted in earnest cries of what is a fashion trend anyway? Just wondering if they all have a go-to Fashion Trend Fortuneteller to get their trends read.

I can’t (after a little researching) find out when the fad for fashion trends all started and what some of them are based on. I think most of them are the outcomes of knee-jerking fashion moments made by someone in the world who tries to convince us that this is the current fashion trend and we should all be openmouthed and want to follow along with it. I am not against them (and I am not mocking Fashion or Fashion Trends here) but it’s more about what differentiates a good fashion trend from a bad one. More importantly should it even be considered a fashion trend.

Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson at the 2001 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Take the current Thong Trend  which to me is not a trend likely to catch on and just asks the question – How low can fashion trends go? Another current fashion trend is the XXL Hat Supersize Trend which I think is the hats answer to the Beehive hairstyle. I don’t think it will be a popular trend with Airport security. Though, it would be a good hat for Paddington Bear to store his marmalade sandwiches.

Bucket Hat - Marc Jacobs Fall 2017
Marc Jacobs Fall 2017

Essentially fashion trends inform us what we should be wearing now or next season (in Fashion Code), it could be anything from wearing red or oversized or something else – but of course you are not being ordered to wear anything, it’s just fashion and nothing personal. If you missed out on any particular fashion trend then don’t feel too disheartened as fashion trends come back (if it ain’t broke…), whereas fashion code or fashion parlance is immutable. I enjoy reading about and seeing the latest fashion trends and as long as we realize that we have a choice to follow along with them or not, then they don’t do us any harm, visually or even if they appear to be seasonally discordant.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Fashion is about choosing your own style, wearing the clothes that you want to, and not what fashion trends or fashion seasons hint at what you should be wearing. Most of what I like about fashion trends is how they showcase the creativity of fashion designers.  Lots of us follow our own particular fashion designer or label in the same way lots of us follow our own football teams, singers or bands. None of them are telling us to support or listen to them. I don’t think fashion trends intend to baffle us in any way – but they are like guides informing us whats currently being deemed ‘in’ or of-the-moment in terms of style.

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