World Without a Computer


utside of work I have thought about putting my computer and phone into semi-retirement. Or only use them when I am connected to Wi-Fi, either at home or if I am somewhere with a connection. It’s not going very well so far and if I choose to use my computer less, then I am probably more likely to edge an addiction towards my phone. At work, screen time without your computer is almost unavoidable, as you most likely need it to carry out your job. It seems like it would be impossible to put my computer into full retirement or imagine a world without one. Therefore there seems to be no break from my computer or my phone. It’s almost like they are an extension of our lives, phones even more so. We even want to express our emotions through Emojis using our phones. They are like communication shortcuts in our daily lives. When I look around outside, on the street, a crowded bus or train, it’s seems like everyone’s life is taking place on their phone. I just have to remind myself that I am one of those people and that I need to look up from my phone screen and realize that there is life beyond my phone.

The world around us appears to evolving faster than we are. Will we ever be able to keep up with technology, or will technology render more than just our jobs obsolete? Instead of asking the question “What’s the meaning of Life?” perhaps the question should be “What’s the meaning of Life with technology?”. As for right now, a world without a computer and a phone is unimaginable.

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