You’re On. Diet PRADA

Diet PRADA the Instagram Fashion Critics whose mission is to shake up the fashion world and call out major brands in the fashion industry for what their bio reads as “ppl knocking each other off lol” was set up in 2014 by an anonymous fashion obsessive duo who have been working in the industry for about 10 years (reportedly they are Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler). They are something like the cultural Fashion Police of social media and have amassed a significant number of followers since then and outed a number of the industry’s big names, most memorably Dolce & Gabbana whom Diet Prada outed for knocking-off a Gucci collaboration. A battle of comments between the two ensued of which Diet Prada won. A request from Gabbana that the Instagram account “please say sorry to me” resulted in Diet Prada printing #PleaseSaySorryToMe on a t-shirt and which is selling very well thank you very much and none of their comments were retracted. On their Instagram account they post comparisons between brands and these posts are sarcastic, blunt and sometimes ruthless. They also make comparisons between current and past designs that are not only brutally honest and shocking but hilarious. Recently the power house of fashion Gucci were outed for copying a jacket designed by the imitation artist “Dapper Dan” who’s real name is Daniel Day who’s Harlem boutique which was a go-to place for rappers and gangsters et al in the 80’s. Gucci admitted that the jacket, Look No. 33, was a “homage”, as opposed to being a copy. They are asking many questions of the big names in the fashion industry such as the question “Who owns an idea?” which concerns the issue of intellectual property theft and copying in the fashion industry. Intellectual property itself is notoriously hard to protect, as the constant “homages” to runway looks that appear in fast-fashion retailers avouch. Diet Prada’s assessments of comparing brands and outing major brands for copying, shows that they have no compunction and that they have no problem with calling things as they see them. This has moved some fashion brands to invite Diet Prada to analyze their latest collections which should show some transparency and in a way it’s almost like they have created a court of public opinion and which is proving to be very effective. This sort of no-holes-barred criticism will only invite more voices and will hopefully make fashion more original, trustworthy and honest.

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