Healthy Food Code

I have always dreamt of having the looks and body that people would sell their souls for and I know that’s normally down to your gene pool and the sort of food you eat and lifestyle that you have. I moderately exercise three times a week, eat relatively healthily, don’t drink too much booze, don’t smoke and so far I have resisted the temptation to touch-up with Botox, under my eyes or anywhere else for that matter. I am not sure that my body suits me but its the only body that I have and I just have to try and make the most of it. Some of my many New Year Resolutions were to exercise more (time and life’s commitments permitting), eat lots more leafy, colorful fruit and vegetables and to try and keep my weight in a healthful range. Easier said than done I know. I know there are so many loose-weight, fat-loss plan books out there with healthy recipes and how to balance exercise with food that will help me rejuvenate me. Although I am not giving up on eating processed foods entirely but just eat less of them. I have always thought that to be healthy you had to go green but now the new craze is blue and it’s an algae named Spirulina, also known as Blue Majik, which sounds like something Walter White might have invented in Breaking Bad. Spirulina is normally blue-green in color but for Blue Majik, a yellow pigment is left out which leaves the final product a bright eye-opening blue. It also boasts a powerful deck of nutrients including protein, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins A, K, B12, iron and manganese.

Superfood Blue Majik
A Blue Majik concoction.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are both important and I am glad that eating chocolate or a regular cocoa consumption can improve your cognitive function or it can make you smarter and boost brain power. This came from research conducted by medical schools such as the Harvard Medical school and they must know what they are talking about. However most of what we choose to eat or not to eat is down to willpower and that willpower is something with strengthens over time but willpower can be very challenging because sometimes you might choose to skip eating pizza but later don’t have the strength to avoid an unhealthy snack. It’s still very hard to make healthy living an easy choice.

Pizza Vs Willpower.

I wish there was a healthy food code that would work for me. Perhaps it’s to eat less processed foods, exercise more, eat more superfoods and work harder on strengthening my willpower. Mind over food and matter and rather than Super Size Me just Superfood Me.

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