Camo Camo Camoleon


f the latest Fashion Trends are anything to go by, then Camouflage is just going to be one of trends that is going to rule fashion in 2018. From Camouflage on the Runway to Camouflage on the Street. As usual, with fashion trends you have to expect the unexpected. We should all expect the unexpected.

Expect to see lots of Camo print coats, jackets, T-shirts, bags and lots more styles and items. It’s no surprise that Camouflage print is one of fashion’s perennial trends and it’s about how to keep it simple such as wearing just one Camo piece per outfit.

Oversized Camo Jacket Pennzer Blog
Oversized Camo Jacket with an all-black look that completes the ensemble.
Camo Puffer Pennzer
A Camo Puffer. The puffer may very likely be the easiest—and coziest—trend to snag right now.

Make the case for Camo inside and outside the gym with leggings that can add a touch of style. The popularity of Athleisure is on the increase and leggings are outselling jeans and that includes everything from Lululemon yoga leggings to plain leggings and haute couture leggings. Accessories have also gone Camo, everything from totes to Hammock bags and crossbody bags, although crossbody bags debuted as far back as AW16.

Army Fashion has long captured the fashion imagination and connoted different silhouettes throughout fashion history and fashion trends. Rather than concealing yourself with Camouflage, the look is about standing out in the crowd without reconceptualizing the fashionable standards of modesty. Take the Army of you to the world of street style.

For men and women the future is looking bright and Camouflaged. Or at least in 2018 anyway. Camouflage trend is set to remain a popular must have across the coming seasons.

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