The Living is Healthy

Christmas has come and gone. Lent is here. In all probability many of the après Festive good resolutions have been hastily abandoned. All good intentions of staying the course once the new gym subscriptions have been paid gradually fade away. Several weeks later, the exercise regime becomes boring and the after-work drinks and nibbles too tempting to refuse. Never mind, it is human to err and fall by the wayside. Fortunately, HELP IS NOW AT HAND to combat all negative fitness vibes. It comes in the form of new book shortly to hit the shelves of a bookseller near you.

Even better still, written by Ireland’s favorite trainer – KARL HENRY!

The title: ‘Karl Henry’s Healthy Living Handbook: LOOSE WEIGHT, GET FIT and Stay WELL with Ireland’s favorite trainer.’


Between the covers are delicious recipes using sensible, every day ingredients easy to find in supermarkets, many of which are probably already in the store cupboard. Among these, the fantastic Chicken Goujons accompanied by a tangy yoghurt dip and for those with a sweet tooth yummy flapjacks. Neither laden with calories! There are many more to choose from, all of which make healthy cooking and eating a pleasurable experience.

Chicken Goujons accompanied by a tangy yoghurt dip.

The latter pages are devoted to Karl’s take on FITNESS and WELLBEING, elements that play a crucial part in such regimes. The reader is never treated as a health freak, as the guidelines laid down in both sections are never ‘over the top’, but practical and achievable. They are sensible recommendations of actions that can be adopted to improve ones physical and mental state. More importantly, is the emphasis placed on ‘it is never too late to start, no matter which age group one inhabits! Finally, the exercises Karl suggests are all well illustrated and ‘doable’ in the confines of one’s home, if not a member of any gym. Although the latter is always good to visit, as it helps initially, to keep up momentum when once embarked on a specific program.

Yummy flapjacks and lots of other delicious recipes for healthy eating from Karl Henry.

The pages of this book ooze with help and confidence building and will further, even in the most sceptical, a newfound determination to embrace a new healthy lifestyle. Get a copy! Find out for yourself how this is possible Good luck with the new resolutions and here’s a toast to a fitter/trimmer you – not just for summer, but for life.

Pre-order a copy of KARL HENRY’S HEALTHY LIVING HANDBOOK to be in with the chance to win a personal training session with Karl!



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