Glass House Party

The Glass House Summer Party is on Saturday, June 9, 2018 from 12:00-4:00pm. This would be perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

Glass House Summer Party
The Glass House Summer Party Event.

The Glass House (or Johnson House) was built by Philip Johnson, just one of the architects that helped shape American architecture. He was a sophisticated Europhile and fascinated with the superficial. He lived to a ripe old age of 98 and reinvented his career more than once, creating and assisting in some of the most important buildings of 20th-century America. He made the front cover of Time Magazine and not with The Glass House but a skyscraper for American communications giant AT&T, sometimes referred to as the “Chippendale” skyscraper, for its resemblance to a piece of 18th-century furniture.

AT and T Skyscraper
AT&T, Philip Johnson and John Burgee’s Postmodern skyscraper in New York.

Philip Johnson’s 1949 Glass House is the clearest form of architecture you could imagine, that you can walk into, and literally ask someone if you look good inside this house. Having personally visited the surprisingly small Glass House, it really is a monument of modernism, with its rectangular pavilion of steel supports surrounded by glass walls. It also contains an almost tucked-away small bathroom. The house is a National Trust site now and has become a pilgrimage destination New Canaan. Access into the house is by way of small groups.

Philip Johnson died in 2005 while asleep at his Glass House.




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