About Pennzer

PENNZER blog is all about Art, History, Fashion, Music, Photography, Movies and other areas of interest. My main motivation for having a blog is not only to share my passion and interest in art and history but to hopefully spread my knowledge and information through blogging. Of course, every blog helps people in their own way, so I hope my blog will be helpful or interesting to others. I also just wanted to have the opportunity to write, and to share my thoughts on other things besides my passions and interests.

Having spent the initial years of my career working in the fashion business I took a break from Ireland. Traveling to London I immersed myself in the exploration of my passion for art and architecture. During this period I attended classes in the decorative arts and medieval and modern architecture at the V&A. Whilst attending this institution I gained a BA from the Open University specializing in Art History in addition to an MA on the same subject from Birkbeck College, University of London. Upon my return to Ireland I studied for a second MA in Art History, again with the Open University. The culmination was a PhD in Cultural Art History. This thesis became the foundation on which my book “The Non-Representation of the Agricultural Laborers in 18th and 19th Century English Paintings” is based.