The Rise of the Kindle

The enduring debate between paperback and the Kindle is something that I am sure many book lovers have contested at one time or another. So much about the Kindle has changed since it made its way into our lives for just over 10 years now. Perhaps the book world shouldn’t worry about the uncertain future of print just yet?

There are those readers that have migrated to the Kindle, and its ebook relation, and who return to print or they become “hybrid” readers. They juggle between the two, the Kindle and paper. Recently, Arnaud Nourry, CEO of one of the world’s largest book publishers, declared the Kindle to be a “stupid product”.

Publishing is not immune to technical upheaval, and it’s not clear if it will weather the wave of technology better than other forms of media like television and music.  It’s hard to say as the world is changing so fast to declare that this wave of digital technology is waning.

The cost of books is a factor for a lot of people nowadays, and that if you are able to obtain text, it might not matter if you are reading it in paper format or electronic format. Some might prefer the Kindle for a variety of reasons such as convenience, cost-effectiveness, portability, and accessibility.

The Kindle might also be a lot lighter than a pile of books, and might not fall apart so easily, or get dog-eared like one of your favorite books – which just makes a paperback all the more personal or as superlative as it is understated. Another thing is that you can’t dry your Kindle on your radiator after it gets dropped in the bath – which you can safely do with your paperback.

It might not be time to clear your bookshelves of your sentimental and treasured belongings and replace them with the Kindle just yet, or perhaps they can both share a space there. Who knows if the next generation will want to read books on a Kindle or some other form of electronic device. For now, maybe its more about picking what side you are on, or just getting used to both

Off White X Jimmy Choo

Off -White’s collaboration with Jimmy Choo is classy, colorful, dramatic, and according to Vogue “the most exciting new thing to happen between the ankle in quite some time”.

Off White Jimmy Choo Spring 2018 Paris launch
Off-White x Jimmy Choo collection. Spring 2018 Paris.

Off-White have been on the collaboration circuit for a while now, and have created collections with Nike, Vans, and Converse. It seems collaborations and partnerships are the way to go these days. The designer Virgil Abloh of cult fashion label Off-White is now moving towards interior design and has announced an upcoming partnership with IKEA. But it’s all about his teaming up with luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo on a spring collection, that’s causing ripples.

Jimmy Choo was perhaps an interesting choice for Off-White to add to its long list of collaborations, but Jimmy Choo embraces shoe designs that comprise of (very pricey) conceptual plastics, tulles and bold floral prints.

Shop for clothes online

There is a lot to be said for shopping for clothes online such as convenience, but going online to find the perfect fit can be a nightmare – especially if you have to send everything back. While online shopping can be risky, not being able to try on clothes before you buy them can become a real annoyance, dresses that can be too long or too short, or fabric that you can see your underwear through. But when you do dare to shop online, there are some good tips for buying clothes online – from working out what size ruffle skirt you want to the perfect size bag you need.



Faith Connection ruffle skirt on Pennzer

Checking the measurements

One of the best ways to check the height measurement of any model is to notice if she is wearing heels or flats. This helps to judge the length of skirts, trousers, and dresses. Online fashion platforms such as Farfetch have Fit Predictors to help you gauge your fit compared to a similar designer that fits you, and you can also get information on the height of the model. A skirt that sits above the knee for a model who is 6ft could sit around your ankles if you are smaller. Cropped trousers that look calf-length on a model, might end up full-length on you if you are petite in size.

ASOS Design skirt on Pennzer

Watching a video

If there is a video of a model wearing the item that you want to buy – watch it. The video can give you a really good idea of not only the quality of the fabric but the weight of the fabric as she walks around. Asos have catwalk videos of almost everything on their site.

Chloe ruffled printed mini dress on Pennzer

What’s my size?

If you are shopping on sites like Asos you can use their How to Measure function, and this will help you to choose the correct size for you. Zara have “What’s my size?” function and you can enter your height and weight, and select your preference for clothes that are tighter or looser. This will then tell you what size garment that people of similar dimensions buy – but also the percentage of sales that were successfully kept by them, and not returned.

Theory Classic Parka on Pennzer

Trust Classics

It can be hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends or the next forward-fashion item, and classics are a good option if you are sale shopping. Consider classic tailored jackets, shirts, and trousers that won’t date easily. Although some non-classic offers that are on sale might be hard to pass up, there is often a reason why they are on sale, and it’s possible that a particular trend might not actually be that hot by the time the next fashion season starts.

Stella McCartney Classic Blazer on Pennzer

Judge a garment by it’s laundry label

It is always a good idea to check washing instructions, if there are any, on the site. Buying something that’s discounted or a bargain could cost you throughout the year if the item is dry clean only.


Casadei Blade Pumps on Pennzer

How high should you go?

If you are buying heels, consider measuring the height of shoes that you already own, and that you can comfortably wear. Don’t be tempted to buy anything bigger even if they look like the perfect party shoe. There might be a good reason that they are on sale, and that’s because they will be completely useless to walk in when you get them.

Michael Kors crossbody bag on Pennzer

Your dimensions

It’s a good idea to check the dimensions of accessories before you buy them, and most sites will supply product measurements to check the dimensions of your make up bag or whatever else it is you want to buy. Items like bags can be much smaller in reality than they look online, and the depth is really important if you want to know how much room you will have for your purse, keys, and phone. Shoulder bags and crossbody bags can look big online but in reality are a lot smaller than they look.

Returning items

Sies Marjan creased trench coat on Pennzer

Buying in bulk

The majority of sites offer free returns so that’s something to take advantage of when you are considering buying online, and rather than making lots of little purchases, think about buying once and in bulk. This is a good idea if you are sales shopping, and try doing this early so you don’t have to worry about items selling out. You can also try on items in various sizes and send back the items that don’t fit you the way you want them to. Always be sure to check the sites returns policy before you fill up your shopping cart.

Closed camouflage shirt jacket on Pennzer

Options for deliveries and returns

There are some options to help take the hassle out of returning items, and sites like Doodle can help make this process a little less painful. Their returns service is quick – you just drop your package in, and then you get an email from them with your tracking receipt. Some of their partners are Asos, Amazon, Missguided, and Farfetch. You can Google to find out where your nearest branch is to drop your package in. Asos offer a fantastic delivery and returns service and offer Premier Delivery (in the UK) for only £9.95 a year for unlimited next-day or nominated-day delivery with no minimum order value for a whole year.


Glass House Party

The Glass House Summer Party is on Saturday, June 9, 2018 from 12:00-4:00pm. This would be perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

Glass House Summer Party
The Glass House Summer Party Event.

The Glass House (or Johnson House) was built by Philip Johnson, just one of the architects that helped shape American architecture. He was a sophisticated Europhile and fascinated with the superficial. He lived to a ripe old age of 98 and reinvented his career more than once, creating and assisting in some of the most important buildings of 20th-century America. He made the front cover of Time Magazine and not with The Glass House but a skyscraper for American communications giant AT&T, sometimes referred to as the “Chippendale” skyscraper, for its resemblance to a piece of 18th-century furniture.

AT and T Skyscraper
AT&T, Philip Johnson and John Burgee’s Postmodern skyscraper in New York.

Philip Johnson’s 1949 Glass House is the clearest form of architecture you could imagine, that you can walk into, and literally ask someone if you look good inside this house. Having personally visited the surprisingly small Glass House, it really is a monument of modernism, with its rectangular pavilion of steel supports surrounded by glass walls. It also contains an almost tucked-away small bathroom. The house is a National Trust site now and has become a pilgrimage destination New Canaan. Access into the house is by way of small groups.

Philip Johnson died in 2005 while asleep at his Glass House.




Art out on the Highway

You may never want to reach the end of the road if you are driving along Sheikh Zayed Road between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Lourve Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Media have taken art to the roadside with elevated giant images of art – such as a Vincent van Gogh self portrait, that are placed along 10 kilometer intervals. Called the Highway Gallery (10 masterpieces. 100 Kilometers.) these billboards will be showing various treasures from Louvre Abu Dhabi and what artist wouldn’t want to have a giant canvas with a guaranteed audience driving by? Cars pass a trigger a few metres before the billboard, you can then tune into one of three radio stations  – Radio 1 FM (100.5 FM), Classic FM (91.6 FM) or Emarat FM (95.8 FM) and listen to a short squib on the artwork, which plays on the airwaves and gives a whole new meaning to the ‘art of noise’. This form of pop-up roadside gallery art might just grow in popularity in the context of art because they look like outdated mediums in the digital world. Billboard art will never be dismissed as kitsch again.