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Days of Summer

This morning the sun is screaming out of a clear blue sky. The long weekend looms. The weather forecast, for once, foretells good – not brilliant weather for at least a week (unfortunately not always accurate)! Frantically search for the protective sunblock and rush to the beach to work on that elusive tan. Forget the dogs panting, ice creams melting and ignore the overflowing trash can. Will there still be space left to spread out a towel and other necessities? Fingers crossed! But on arrival, where are the crowds?

The small beach is virtually deserted, which is strange, and a skeletal rusting chair frame occupies the central area. In the distance, the large boats tethered to their moorings in the marina gleam in the bright sunlight. Oh well! Why worry – a tan is of the utmost importance, not the lack of people. Several hours later – must have dozed off – the air feels different. It is no longer warm but feels damp and clammy. A haze floats before the now startled open eyes. The sunny beach has disappeared behind an impenetrable fog, which has swirled in from the sea. Oh well! That was a short summer day. Lets hope the next one will be of longer duration and when it arrives the weatherman’s forecast will be more reliable!!! For now, a return home without the desirable natural tan – a fake one will have to suffice.

Monday Morning Commute

Early Monday morning and the sun screams down from a clear blue sky! Fall out of bed, shower -– rush to station.

Platform is crammed with frustrated commuters. What is the matter? Where is the train?

P.A. system splutters into life! The waiting throng hears the ominous message – there is a fault with the signaling system. All trains delayed! Perhaps they should have played some music to calm us all down – even if it was synthesized and sounded like some inexpensive Italian restaurant.

Minute-by-minute countdowns on displays for a train that’s still to arrive. Then thirty minutes later a train limps into station. Doors open. The stampede to get a seat begins.

Passengers learn they are on the move – music to my ears. It will be the slow train, not the fast one hoped for.

Doors close. Engine revs up. Movement at last! Two minutes later – stop. One hour later – still there. Temperature and tempers are rising in the carriage. Windows finally opened. Why do many commuters have AN AVERSION TO FRESH AIR?

After what seems an eternity the train moves and finally limps into the next station.

Men in suits walk up and down the platform. Are they there to apologize for the delay and upset to the paying customer? Of course not! Just to oversee the announced transfer from yet another P.A. system, for all passengers to move onto another vehicle.

One hour on – destination is reached. One hour late for the office. Not the best start to a week!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better – no delays! Hopefully, not for a while at least!

Planning a trip

I am just planning my trip (hopefully) in the US. It’s not so easy searching for sites that can help you in your quest but I have been looking around and have found a few interesting Web sites that might help to make it a little bit easier and here are some of them:

Wanderu who inform you that their site is the simplest way to book bus and train travel. This site provides links that allow you to book your trip with your chosen company and so on.

bustripping compares multiple bus companies side-by-side to help you find the best ticket. Once you find a ticket you want, you get redirected to that chosen operators site.

The Main in Seat 61 an interesting and detailed beginners guide to traveling USA from coast to coast.

airbnb is a site for people to list, find, and rent lodging. An alternative to a hotel and where hosts list their properties – which can be anything from single rooms, a suite of rooms, apartments and more. The prices will vary depending on location and the hosts decide how much to charge per night, week or month. It may not be for everybody but it’s just an alternative to hotel accommodation  etc. You can book on the site and several payments are accepted such as credit cards, PayPal and some debit cards. You don’t get charged until the host confirms the reservation. There is also an additional guest service fee of between 6-12% (the bad news). Airbnb primarily serves the more budget- minded travelers (like me!).

HouseTrip another holiday and rental website offering you both value for money and flexibility. Similar to airbnb, there are lots of possible accommodation types to choose from. I have used this service only once and had no problems whatsoever, but you might want to do a little research before committing yourself to booking any properties.


At this time I am not sure where I want to go but I am thinking about Boston or somewhere else in New England area, Montana, Washington, Oregon. I am limited to a budget so I have to plan carefully but not too much of a budget so that it hampers it in any way. I will update this post again soon as I am still looking for good travel sites.


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Trump Card

Johnny Depp’s recent comments about Donald Trump are quite amusing.  He was being interviewed while doing press for his latest movie release “Alice Through The Looking Glassand said that “If Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, in a kind of historical way it’s exciting because we will see the actual last president of the United States. It just won’t work after that.” You can watch a video clip here Depp on Trump from Channel 5’s Facebook page that interviewed him in the UK.

Happy Friday the 13th.


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